Despite being the subject of the "shut up and dribble" remark made by Fox News host Laura Ingraham back in February, LeBron James would need to fork over some cash if he ever wanted to use that particular phrase on clothing. According to TMZ Sports, James has a tendency of creating shirts based on things that pertain to his own life. LeBron was recently spotted wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words "I Promise," the name of the public school in Akron, Ohio he opened late last month.

Last week, Showtime announced plans for James to serve as executive producer on an upcoming docu-series named after Ingraham’s now infamous phrase. The doc will cover the history of the NBA and its players, dating back to the 1976 merger of the league with the ABA. If LeBron wanted to get the word out on that project by putting those four words on a shirt, he would first need to acquire the rights from a guy named William DelGrande in New Jersey.

Just days after Ingraham made that comment about LeBron, DelGrande applied for the trademark. While he doesn't own the trademark outright, the New Jersey native may have a better shot at securing the rights, even if James were to file a claim. DelGrande told TMZ Sports that he’s willing to drop the claim for The King for a “reasonable price,” adding that it wouldn’t be in the seven-figure range. A small price to pay for someone who continues to inch closer to becoming a billionaire.