Is that you Mike Bibby?

The former NBA player is going viral after a photo of him revealed that he's done a full Dave Chappelle move by getting jacked seemingly out of nowhere.

Bibby, who's mostly known for his time with the Sacramento Kings, retired in 2012 after joining the New York Knicks. It was during this time—the 2012 NBA Playoffs to be exact—that he had an encounter with Dwyane Wade. Bibby lost his shoe during a game and Wade decided to throw it into the stands instead of letting his opponent reclaim it. However, he likely wouldn't pull that move again with Bibby new muscular build.

"Hey @DwyaneWade I betchu wouldn't chuck this Mike Bibby's shoe during a game 🤔🤔🤔😂💪🏾" read a tweet from Gabrielle Union to tease her husband.

Wade wasn't afraid to share his fears though. He posted a tweet on how Bibby's muscles likely would have changed the whole shoe scenario. "2012: Hey Punk. Catch. 2018: Hey Sir. Excuse me you dropped your shoe🤷🏾‍♂️" it read.

Check out what other tweeters have to say about his latest look below.

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