The Boston Celtics came out with fervor in Game 5, defending home court and defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 96-83. The Celtics looked in command from the tip, and the game never got all that interesting. The most fascinating moment occurred early in the second quarter—after Boston's Marcus Morris talked some smack to Cleveland's Larry Nance Jr., Nance hopped up and shoved Morris. Terry Rozier then shoved Nance.

Nance is typically a cool cucumber on the court, so the immediate question on everyone's mind was: What did Morris say to get him so fired up? I, like many of you, tried (unsuccessfully) to read his lips.

After the game, Morris—as you'd expect—wouldn't reveal what he said.

Morris seemed to revel in the moment.

It wasn't the first time this series the former Kansas Jayhawk got all up in a Cavs player's face.

Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals is set for Friday at 8:30 p.m. EST in Cleveland, as the Cavs will fight to keep their season alive.