On Monday night, after hitting a dagger in the final minute of the Heat's 113-103 win over the 76ers, Dwyane Wade stared down Kevin Hart (and Allen Iverson) and appears to have talked some shit in their direction too. It's not quite Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue, but it's cool. Check it out:


D-Wade was talking trash to Kevin Hart after draining the dagger. 😂 (via @MiamiHeat)

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A few minutes later, during his post-game interview, Wade credited Hart with firing him up enough to go off for 28 points:

After getting word of that, Hart responded.

"Well played, Dwyane. Well played," he jokingly said on his flight home, according to TMZ. "You gonna blame this on me -- blame Kevin Hart? Oh, I see what you're doing. On ESPN, you gonna say that? WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, SUCKA! We bout to come to Miami and heat it up, you hear me?"

"I'm frustrated. I'm pissed."

He then took it to social media by echoing his sentiment that he'll be in Miami, presumably for Game 3 on Thursday:

Wade responded in kind:

He also made it clear that the aforementioned trash talk was all for Hart:

Think of it as a less tense Spike Lee/Reggie Miller thing.