Since Donald Trump is a bore, incapable of having a single ounce of fun, Barack Obama continued the unofficial tradition of having the sitting President of the United States fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket. In turn, the people did their part and dissected nearly every single pick made by Obama.

“Just because I have more time to watch games doesn't mean my picks will be better," Obama jokingly said in the tweet where he shared his bracket.

Never one to doubt Michigan State once tournament time rolls around, Obama has the Spartans running the board and defeating top-ranked Virginia in the championship game. On the women’s side, the former POTUS sees UConn reclaiming their spot on the mountaintop, toppling the team that upset them last year: Mississippi State.

While those two championship game picks by Obama are pretty solid, people had a few issues with a couple of his other choices.

Oh yeah, and we all miss you.