We Asked a Doctor Why Exactly Eagles Fans Should Stop Eating Horse Poop

A doctor takes time out of his busy day to explain why Eagles fans should put down the horse poop.

"Eat shit" is a phrase that a lot of Patriots fans likely lobbed in the direction of Eagles fans at the end of Super Bowl LII on Sunday night. But little did pissed-off Pats fans know, one Eagles fan would actually heed their, er, shitty advice.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, an Eagles fan—while being egged on by his fellow Philly fans—kneeled down in the middle of a filthy street, put his face down near the ground, and picked up a mouth full of… OMFG, this is too much. You guys, he ate shit. Horse shit, to be exact. Fair warning: the below video leaves little to the imagination as it pertains to shit-eating.

Now, if this seems like an incredibly dumb idea, that’s because it is. Eating horse poop is one of the dumbest ideas ever. More than a few people let that particular Eagles fan know about it on Twitter and questioned why he thought this would be a good idea in the first place.

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But for whatever reason, eating horse poop is weirdly becoming, like, a thing among some deprived sports fans. It’s as if eating horse poop is somehow okay simply because your team has sucked for the better part of the last 50 or 60 years.

We first saw this a couple years ago when a Cavaliers fans picked up horse poop and shoved it into his mouth in the middle of Cleveland’s NBA Finals parade. As dozens of Cavs fans looked on in absolute horror, the fan chowed down on some horse pellets he found in the middle of the street. Watch if you dare.

It’s a scene that could, unfortunately, play out again before the end of the week. The Eagles just announced they will be holding their Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia on Thursday morning. So who’s to say another idiotic Eagles fan won’t replicate what happened on Monday morning again?

If you think you might end up being the guy putting horse poop into your mouth at the parade, here’s a piece of advice, don’t be.

For starters, no one actually wants to watch you eat horse poop. People have been horrified by the video of the Eagles fan going around on social media today.

Secondly, you’re just going to make Eagles fans look even worse than they already do if you down horse poop. While we’re sure most Eagles fans are goodhearted people who were just happy to see their team win on Sunday, a select few have been painting Eagles fans in the wrong light on social media over the course of the last 24 hours.

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And if those reasons aren’t enough to convince you not to eat horse poop, consider this: you could, not surprisingly, die from doing it.

Complex spoke with Dr. Robert Czincila, the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery outside of Philadelphia, on Monday afternoon. We would imagine he had more important things to do with his day than talk to us about NFL fans eating poop. But after seeing all the hoopla surrounding the video of the Eagles fan eating horse crap, he took time out of his busy day to explain why it’s not something you should ever consider doing.

"The greatest risk with exposure and ingestion of horse manure," Dr. Czincila told Complex, "is that of possible protozoan and/or bacterial infection that can lead to chronic disease including abdominal pain, diarrhea and dehydration to potential death."

That's right: potential death.

So, Eagles fans, you’ve waited years now to see your team win a Super Bowl. Decades even for some of you. Do you really want to end up dead because you decided to put horse poop into your mouth for a few seconds of internet fame? No, you don't. You really don't. If you won't listen to us, listen to the doctor.

You can watch Dr. Czincila give more tips for staying safe at the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade below.

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