The San Antonio Spurs pulled out an impressive, 110-94 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers Sunday. Spurs guard Patty Mills scored 11 points and added five assists in the win.

During the game, Mills was subject to racially charged taunts. Mills brought light to the taunts on Twitter Sunday night, as he responded to a fan who posted video of the incident.

With 2:29 remaining, a fan called out, "Hey Jamaica called, they want their bobsledder back. Hey Mills, Jamaica just called, they want their bobsledder back!"

Mills said he is a "proud Islander" and he has "experienced racial slurs for decades." Mills hails from Australia. His mother is an Aboriginal Australian and his father is a Torres Strait Islander. He has his ethnicity in his Twitter bio.

The Cavs told ESPN they are attempting to identify the fan. The team plans to interview fans and analyze video to see if it can spot the person who called out the slur.