Michael Jordan’s record in the NBA Finals—six appearances, six titles—is well-known. His All-Star record, not so much. That’s because while Jordan is rightly known for winning, he completed his 13 All-Star appearances with a losing record. After the East dropped the final two games he appeared in as a member of the Washington Wizards, Jordan would finish his All-Star career with a record of six wins, seven losses. Thankfully, his All-Star history was about more than just Ws and Ls.

A three-time All-Star MVP and two-time Slam Dunk champion, Jordan always—well, almost always—made All-Star weekend memorable. He posted the first-ever All-Star triple-double in 1997, and posted the worst-ever 3-Point Shootout opening round score in 1990. Even his failures were superlative. In 1988, Jordan welcomed All-Star weekend to Chicago Stadium by defending his Slam Dunk title on Saturday, then scored 40 and earned his first MVP honors on Sunday. This was all at the same time as the debut of the black-and-white commercials for his newest Air Jordan, featuring a motor-mouthed pitchman named Mars Blackmon.

Jordan made his All-Star debut as a rookie in 1985, his final appearance came as a 39-year-old Washington Wizard, after six championships and two retirements. He scored just seven points that first game, 20 in his last. In between, he dominated entire generations, plural, of superstars. Here’s a comprehensive look at all of Jordan’s All-Star performances, ranked from worst to best.