Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, Leslie Jones’ sports commentary might make you a believer. The SNL comic is serving comedy gold as she live-tweets her coverage of the men’s figure skating competition at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

But it's not the skaters' form and technique that's on Jones' mind. Mostly, she is just not about these lackluster costumes the fellas are wearing. Indeed, where are the sparkles? I demand to see more sequins! Do they not have glitter in Korea?

However, Jones changed her tune when American figure skater Nathan Chen took to the ice in a comparatively snazzier all-black-everything number. “Now this is an outfit! You know what I’m saying!” Leslie proclaims, “Is this the Black Panther? What is happening right now? Nice!”

At a certain point Jones started tagging friend and designer Christian Siriano in the tweets of the costumes she liked the most.

Ultimately, Jones, who is part of NBC’s official Olympics coverage, gave the gold to NBC commentator Johnny Weir. Finally,  sequins! Real talk though, is that blazer Saint Laurent, or what?