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Earlier in the NFL season that just ended, the Miami Dolphins dealt running back Jay Ajayi to the Eagles in exchange for a 2018 fourth-round draft pick. The trade deadline deal, which worked well for Ajayi, sent the 24-year-old back from a team that finished 6-10 to a team that won the Super Bowl. On Sunday night Ajayi rushed the ball 9 times for 57 yards.

Despite that, Ajayi also proved shortly after Philly won their first SB that he was in no mood to take the high road, as evidenced by this Instagram message that I get the basic gist of, but can't 100 percent decipher. Maybe you can do better. As he wrote:

"THEY may have tried to discredit you, discount you, throw dirt on your name...none of it matters now. LEGACIES LAST FOREVER. funny how they were GASsEd over journalistic...look at me now. ONLY GOD.🙏🏿🏆 YURP^🔓"

As you may have caught, the G, A, first S, and E of "GASsEd" were all capitalized, which would seem to be no coincidence, as the name of the Dolphins' head coach is Adam Gase.

For context, shortly after Ajayi was traded it was reported by Miami Herald writer Armando Salguero that the back wasn't happy with his role in South Beach, and that he was becoming a problem in the locker room (the latter of which was relayed by multiple sources). Furthermore, Salguero says Gase made a statement about certain players not working hard enough, which was almost certainly about Ajayi.

"At the end of the day, guys have got to actually take this stuff home and study it," Gase said back in October. "They’re not going to just learn it all in meetings. We’ve got to find guys that will actually put forth effort to actually remember this stuff and really, it starts with our best players." Without being in the Miami locker room, it's tough to verify or dismiss the accuracy of Gase's comments.

Either way Ajayi didn't forget. Though one would think he'd have more reason to be bitter if he was traded to, say, the Browns or Jets or something.