He's been talking about it for awhile, but LaVar Ball has now finally given an actual year when the three of his sons will be Lakers teammates, and it's not what one would call far off. The bold prediction came on Friday during a press conference in Lithuania, when a guy who has to be at least 7-foot-3 asked the family patriarch to sign his hat with the date that all three Ball children would be in L.A. together. The answer? 2020:

The prediction is definitely optimistic, given the fact that LiAngelo (who will be eligible for this season's draft) isn't even on the scouting list(s) of some unnamed NBA team(s):

Additionally LaMelo, who's just 16, is, well, just 16. That's a career that could go a million different ways at the moment. Like, for instance, to Lithuania instead of UCLA.

Still, let's be real, we're probably not going to hold a guy's feet to the fire (especially a guy who has repeatedly stated he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one) should this prediction be wrong. It's just entertainment, and it's there for you if you want to know what he's saying today.

Aim for the clouds though, why not?