Talking trash is as much a part of sports as the games themselves.

Sports is an entertainment platform, and plenty of athletes love to extend that entertainment beyond the field. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali declaring himself the "Greatest of all time" or some random player on the Steelers guaranteeing a win against the undefeated Patriots (which did happen), trash talk always provides an extra element.

And sometimes, people take things a little…too far. Athletes are a competitive bunch, and a lot of that reflects in their feuds. They don’t always use the cookie-cutter language they do on the Nike commercials, so things can get a bit contentious. Some of these lines are funny, some are lyrically crafted, and others are just plain mean. 

Different feuds may come and go, but some of these lines are just immortal. So with that said, here the 11 most savage trash talking lines in sports history.