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It’s hard to believe that LeBron James, the basketball phenom who made headlines as the youngest player to be selected at the number one spot in the NBA Draft at 18 years old, is now celebrating his 33rd birthday.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star is not taking his time for granted, either. "It's always great to get to live another year," the four-time NBA MVP, who will suit up Saturday tonight against the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City, told "I don't take those moments for granted. And not only to be able to live another year, I get to play an NBA game on my birthday. That's like icing on the cake, literally, for your birthday."

James has only played an NBA game seven times over his 15-year career, according to the Ohio-based news outlet. "It's my born day, it's my birthday," James continued. "You want to perform well on your birthday and I've been fortunate enough to have a few games on my birthday." The good people at even made him a virtual birthday card.

The three-time NBA champ has always focused on the game through his career, but he has branched out into other realms as well. The King announced in November that his foundation will be opening a school in the upcoming year within the Akron Public Schools system, calling it one of the “most important” things he’s accomplished on or off the court.

In 2015, James pledged to provide a college scholarship to the University of Akron for every student that finishes his "I Promise" program.—Philip Lewis