While I didn't have a rooting interest in this year's NBA Finals, I will admit that one of the good things about Golden State reclaiming the title is that we no longer had to hear "don't let (blank) distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead" jokes. Those got old, quick. And while they were already pretty much stale within a week of the Cavs' victory parade, they had a briefly entertaining resurgence when LeBron James threw what appeared to be an anti-Warriors themed Halloween party, complete with tombstone cookies, a skeleton playing that 3-1 lead drum, and an alleged Stephen Curry dummy that those in attendance had to step over to get in.

While it was always just kind of assumed that the decorations—like the cookies, for instance—were LeBron's idea (it was his party, after all), one of the Cavs in attendance of that bash, Dahntay Jones, cleaned up that particular misconception when he was on a recent episode of ESPN's The Russillo Show. More specifically, host Ryan Russillo asked just how much that Cleveland squad hated the Warriors, and also made sure to mention "the corpse at the Halloween party."

"Usually [LeBron's] trolls are funny, but that was not from him. That was from the catering company," Jones said, beginning at the 5:48 mark of this link's download. "That's why he really doesn't speak of it, because the catering company puts that together. If you think LeBron James throws a party, and [deals with] everything from the cookies to the decorations then you're kind of insane. He has a season to prepare for and he's doing party planning. But that was the company that [he] hired. It just happened to be funny at that point in time. They did a good job."

From there, Jones talked about how LeBron's "internal motivation is world domination" and that he was probably driven by media who listed Stephen Curry as the best player on the planet. He also talked about how the Cavs were motivated by the Warriors beating them in the 2015 Finals (which we all already assumed, but it's still pretty interesting to hear him tell it). Listen to the clip over at The Russillo Show.