The high school students currently playing football at Marshawn Lynch's prep alma mater, Oakland Tech, got the privilege of getting run over and stiff-armed by the NFL back after he returned in full pads to participate in a recent practice.

As you can see, the youngsters had varying degrees of success in bringing down Lynch, but the beatdown they likely took is sure to prepare them well for whatever back they have to try and tackle throughout the rest of their season.

Also, it's not 100 percent clear when this footage was shot, but this week would make sense since Lynch's schedule is clear after earning a one-game suspension for pushing a ref during the Raiders' last second win over the Chiefs this past Thursday.

Lynch will return to game action next week where he'll take on a Miami defense that will probably be significantly tougher than some high school kids jogging but pretending to sprint so they don't get run over by an NFL star.