This week, memes were a category on Jeopardy! (cleverly titled "Fond Meme-ories"), and of course, you couldn’t do this properly without somehow incorporating the Crying Jordan meme.

The meme gained popularity in 2016, but the original photo dates back to 2009 when Michael Jordan gave an emotional speech at his Hall of Fame enshrinement. Since then, it’s been utilized on social media when mishaps happen – either in sports or in everyday life.

Ah, the Crying Jordan meme made it! You can watch the clue above, where the contestant was quick to give the correct answer: Michael Jordan.

People were pretty excited to see it finally hit the mainstream.

Well, almost everyone.

And one guy just couldn’t resist.

The Jordan meme has died down in 2017, but maybe this Jeopardy! appearance will give it another boost.

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