Carmelo Anthony leaving New York had slowly become a foregone conclusion, but that didn't make his trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder any less shocking. As the NBA world was trying to come to grips with their biggest stars beefing with the White House, the Anthony trade took the craziest sports Saturday in some time to another level.

Thanks to a strong recruitment effort from his new teammates, Russell Westbrook and Paul George, Anthony made the decision to waive his no-trade clause and approve a move to middle America. It may not be enough to overcome the Golden State Warriors, but the Thunder are now one of the most interesting teams in the league as a result of the trade.

The primary gut reaction from fans and players alike was to highlight the still-growing divide between the Western and Eastern Conferences in the NBA, intensified by the movement of yet another star player on Saturday. The gap is becoming so significant, in fact, that some are comparing it to the epic battles from Game of Thrones.

On the Thunder side of things, Oklahoma City loyalists were stunned at GM Sam Presti's ability to acquire another star without giving up much in return. He has certainly had his missteps—trading away James Harden is a big "Oops!" in retrospect—but Presti is getting a ton of love for the talent he has been able to put around reigning MVP Russell Westbrook this offseason.

Knicks fans were also forced to reconcile with the fact that they'd lost their long-time leading man, receiving a return that does not exactly inspire a ton of passion within the fan base. Doug McDermott and Enes Kanter for Carmelo Anthony? Come on, son! But at this point, it appears most fans are happy to move on to a new Knicks era as many spent a lot of their Saturday afternoon wishing Anthony well on his way out the door.

And really, that's probably how it should be. Anthony played his part in the Knicks' run of dreadful play of late, but he carried himself like a professional despite dealing with a front office that openly provoked him and let their intent to trade him be known. It was not exactly the best work environment for an aging star, and now he'll get to begin anew alongside two of the league's best players.

In any case, the NBA season can't get here soon enough. Chris Paul is in Houston, the Thunder are assembling a legit squad around Westbrook, Jimmy Butler will boost the young Timberwolves, and the Eastern Conference will.... exist, I guess? After all this offseason movement, it's about damn time we get to see what it actually looks like on the hardwood.