If you've actually set aside some time to watch the Big3 on FS1, you've probably realized that it kind of sucks. You've likely also figured out that watching washed-up players tear their knees playing half-court pick-up basketball might not have been the best business idea, no matter how cool it initially sounded to hear that you'll watch Allen Iverson play hoops again (...about that).

Still, that won't stop a(nother) rapper, this time Master P, from heading up a new league, this time co-ed, to generate revenue from basketball loving fans. And, while Iverson was the biggest name headlining the Big3, the No Limit Record founder is thinking outside the box to find a major draw for his GMGB (Global Mixed Gender Basketball) league.

How do we know? He said as much when he spoke to TMZ in what appeared to be a scripted meet-up posted on Thursday. P told them that the idea was "about giving women a chance to play against men on a professional level." He also said that he was targeting alliterative former superstars like Paul Pierce, Tina Thompson, and Lisa Leslie.

Then, asked if he wanted to at least make a plea to Kobe Bryant, he said he wanted to get LaVar Ball "to see how good he really is." He also said that he wanted to get Shaq to play LaVar to settle their "beef" (it sounds like he's joking, but no businessman in the world would turn that down).

Wow. A chance to actually back up the trash talk. Pretty sure that would ruin the act.

Anyway, watch all of what he said below, and stay tuned for more details about the GMGB as they become available.