Shaq has released a diss track aimed at LaVar Ball, because why the hell not. The track, which uses the beat from Jay Z's "Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)," premiered via TMZ Friday and, in addition to serving as a LaVar diss, it also helps us further forget about The Emoji Movie by offering a nice distraction.

In it you'll hear lines like "I've been doing this a long time/When you was averaging two points, riding the pine," and "Sit down man, you be doin' the most/You know your ass is barbeque chicken in the post/First you can beat Mike, then you can beat me/Wake that ass up, you havin' a dream," and "This is a game to me, it's not a sport/My name ain't Shaq, I'm the black Michael Rapaport."

Yeesh, imagine if this was your old man getting smacked down by a Hall of Famer.

Though he spent the first few minutes dumping on LaVar and Big Baller Brand, Shaq ended on a positive note by saying he loves how Ball's sons play, stating that Lonzo's jumper's "wet like two thots in a pool." He also did that thing that everyone does where he complimented LaVar's job as a dad, even though he's just blatantly hijacked the biggest moment of his son's life for himself.

There will probably be a response to this at some point.

But in the meantime, if you haven't already, check it out above.