Like Michael Jordan and Brett Favre before him, Floyd Mayweather's retirement plans seem akin to deaths in cliche-heavy superhero movies and action shows. By that, we mean they're not exactly final, despite the drama they may create at the time they're announced. Also like MJ and Favre before him, Mayweather has returned to his sport a couple of times after previously calling it quits. Thus, you'd be forgiven for maintaining an, "I'll believe it when I see it," attitude when it comes to Floyd's allegedly permanent resignation from the boxing world.

Still, the now 50-0 fighter is almost 41 years old. At some point, you gotta hang up the gloves—especially if you want to maintain that undefeated record that you market yourself around. On Saturday night, after his 10th-round TKO of Conor McGregor, Mayweather told broadcaster Jim Gray that the bout would be his last professional fight:

TMZ seemed to back up that claim on Monday by talking to Floyd's son, Koraun, about the possibility of his old man lacing 'em up again. The answer was pretty much what you'd think—it's not like he was going to override his dad here. "No chance," Koraun said, definitively. "No chance. No rematch [with McGregor]. He's officially done. He's 40. You got to realize that. He's an old man, so he has to take time. ... You know he has a strip club, so he has to take care of that business."

Koraun also said he doesn't see Floyd and Conor becoming friends with one another now that they're done talking mad shit to hype up their fight.

Check out his answer in the video above. Believe it if you want.