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After weeks of shit talking, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally went head-to-head in the boxing ring on Saturday night.

People in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena were ecstatic. People hosting fight night parties at home were excited. And social media was buzzing over Mayweather’s theatrics from his grand entrance to the ring earlier this evening.

With Meek Mill’s "I’ma Boss" as his music of choice, Mayweather decided to rock a ski mask in an attempt to intimidate McGregor.

What people can’t get over is how Mayweather coming out in a ski mask reminded them of Kodak Black. If you remember, he famously appeared on The Breakfast Club sporting one to do a legendary (and awkward) interview.

Mayweather came out with a mask on he on his Kodak Black shit 😂😂💪🏿

— YBG Shock (@Lamotte_realest) August 27, 2017

Kodak black stays influential even on Mayweather

— Luís Paulo (@blank_nx) August 27, 2017

Is that mayweather or Kodak? #MayweathervMcgregor

— vik¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@maceoVik) August 27, 2017

Why Mayweather look like Kodak Black. Smh

— T-Harp (@Terrellharp) August 27, 2017

Who wore it better Mayweather or Kodak??

— Pablo (@TravisLaRue) August 27, 2017

son that ain't Floyd Mayweather, that's Kodak Black

— Vince (@VlNCHY) August 27, 2017

Mayweather wants to be @KodakBlack1k so bad #MayewatherMcGregor

— Man Darino (@ManDarinoMusic) August 27, 2017

It wasn’t just Kodak Black comparisons, either. Props to the guy who made a Kylo Ren reference.

Mayweather was in American Horror Story??

— Trevor Johnston (@trevjayo) August 27, 2017

How Mayweather showed up to the fight 💀

— Victor (@slick_vick69) August 27, 2017

#MayweathervMcgregor got Mayweather walking out like...

— Vashra (@Vashra09) August 27, 2017

Who rocks the ski mask better? #mayweather #spongebobskimaskguy

— Max (@max_juice1) August 27, 2017

Bruh. Floyd Mayweather wardrobe.

— Charles Robinson (@CharlesRobinson) August 27, 2017

Mayweather ended up taking the victory tonight, so, in a way, it worked.

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