Seventeen years after Eminem's "Stan" was heavily edited so it could be played on the radio, a team over at AOK put together a pretty damn solid parody of it based around the reported/embellished trade drama surrounding Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and the Cavs. In it, fake Kyrie mentions LeBron's subtweets, his own dumb flat earth theories, and the fact that the team could get some premium talent back for him since he was upfront about his desire to switch franchises.

It also only took Kyrie one letter to go off the deep end, unlike the three before Stan freaks out in the original, so you should be able to consume it rather easily.

Lastly, according to Slam, it was written by Eric Moneypenny, rapped by Will Hagle, and vocals were provided by Allie Goertz. Credit where credit's due.

Good animation, too.