When the public knows you have a lot of money in your bank account, some people will do just about anything to use that to their advantage.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead learned that lesson the hard way this week after returning home from an out-of-town excursion to find that his dog had gone missing. In a post on his Instagram page, Whitehead explained that someone had broken into his home and taken his dog Blitz. Additionally, he revealed that someone contacted him with ransom demands from an unknown phone number. 

Late Monday, a video emerged of what appeared to be Whitehead's dog in the custody of a Fort Worth, Texas rapper who goes by the name of Boogotti Kasino. In an expletive-filled tirade, Kasino explained he was happy to return the dog to Whitehead, but in an odd twist to the story, he said that he had already paid the ransom demand for the dog. He asked Whitehead for $20,000 in order to give Blitz back.

😳😳😳🤔 WTF!!!!! Ft Worth rapper @Boogottikasino wants Cowboys player @ninjafast22 to pay him $20,000 in order to get his pitbull back pic.twitter.com/1QLVAZ5jcZ

— say cheese (@Saycheese_Media) July 18, 2017

Kasino then took to Instagram and accused Whitehead's ex-girlfriend of stealing the dog in the first place. He also repeatedly asserted that he was not stupid enough to steal a dog himself and post videos with it on social media.

Despite the loud and aggressive nature of Kasino's posts, it appears cooler heads eventually prevailed in the end. While claiming that one of his associates lost out on some money in the alleged exchange for the dog, Kasino shared one final video of Blitz being returned to Whitehead and even shouted out Whitehead's teammate Dez Bryant in the caption for the video along with a plug for his new mixtape.

If we're being honest, this whole thing seems a little suspicious, but as long as the dog was returned to his rightful owner in the end, that's what matters. Snatching a dog from its owner and parading around with it on social media had to hurt Whitehead, not to mention the emotional damage inflicted on the dog.

Hopefully Whitehead is able to keep Blitz safe and secure in the future, lest we all be subjected to more tirades from the likes of Boogotti Kasino.