We're still a month-and-a-half out from watching Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor settle their TMZ and social media fueled trash talking feud. Which means that we're bound to see the hype ever so slightly ratcheted up everyday between now and Aug. 26.

On Tuesday, Dana White provided his reasoning for why McGregor could pull off the upset. And, well, he did it at a place where wild hot takes are more than welcome.

"[T]his year Floyd Mayweather will be 41 years old. Conor McGregor's 28," White argued on Fox Sports 1's Undisputed. "And in a fight one thing, and only one thing, matters. How hard do you hit? Conor McGregor is a knockout artist. If he hits you, you go. If he hurts you, he will finish you."

After host Shannon Sharpe brought up that boxing gloves are thicker than MMA gloves, White had a response. "Let me tell you what, it still hurts with 10 oz. [boxing] gloves on," he said. "When you're against a guy who hits as hard as Conor McGregor does—and when Conor gets you in trouble, he finishes you. If he connects with Floyd Mayweather I guarantee you he will hurt him. And if he hurts him, he will knock him out."

Sharpe followed that up by saying it's been a tall task, even for seasoned boxers, to connect with Mayweather. To that White said, "If you look, Floyd's going to be 41 this year. He's been inactive for two years. At some point time does catch up with you. Fighting is a young man's game. Conor is young. He's a southpaw. And he hits like a truck."

He then admitted he was "biased," which you probably already gathered. But he reiterated that he was speaking truth. Finally, White said he doesn't think McGregor has any chance if the fight ends up being decided by the judges, but also added that "Manny Pacquiao just got beat by a school teacher."

We're gonna say "ouch" on behalf of Pacquiao.