We don't really have to go too far back in time to recap this. But, as you probably remember, back in 2010, scorned Cavs owner Dan Gilbert penned an open letter to the "self-declared former 'King'" disparaging LeBron James after he opted to sign with the Miami Heat via free agency. 

After LeBron re-joined the Cavs in 2014, the team pulled the letter off their website. But, if you care to, you can still read it in its entirety here.

Though we're almost at the seven-year anniversary of LeBron's nationally televised "decision" to go to South Beach, we're finally seeing his most in-depth public comments on the letter for the first time this week. Though the below vid was actually filmed during the All-Star Break close to four months ago as a part of  Uninterrupted's "The Shop," it wasn't released publicly until Friday.

First off, LeBron says Cleveland's owner disrespected him and his family. "[Gilbert] completely bashed me and disrespected not only me as an individual but disrespected my name," James said. "And my name is not just myself, it's my wife, my kids, my grandfather, my mother, so many more people."

He also says that, when the opportunity arose to sign a new contract in 2014, he almost didn't return to the Cavs because his family was against it. "My wife was like, 'f*ck that. I ain't with that' ... My mom was definitely like, 'f*ck that. We ain't going back." However, instead of going that route, he said he saw the "bigger picture" of what it meant to the city of Cleveland.

Pretty good stuff.

He also talks with Draymond Green, 2 Chainz, and Charles Oakley about the Cavs' 3-1 Finals comeback, Tom Brady, and guys in the NBA who "don't know how to play basketball" (Draymond's words).

Check out the whole thing below. Or, instead, skip to the 22:20 mark to see the comments about Gilbert:

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