With James Harden locked in a tight series with the Spurs and a tight MVP race with Russell Westbrook and LeBron James, it seems natural that we should consider the curse that has plagued his career. Lil B cursed Harden in May 2015 after Harden stole the “cooking” dance that Lil B claims he created.

In an interview with ESPN’s The Undefeated, Lil B confirmed that Harden is indeed still cursed and also touched on some of the other NBA curses he has administered. Harden’s, however, is the only one that is lasting.

“Actively, right now, James Harden is the only player in the NBA that’s cursed,” Lil B said. “Kevin Durant is not cursed, and the gentleman that’s on the Lakers, the leading point guard, D’Angelo Russell, is not cursed either.”

Just one year ago the Based God confirmed Durant was still cursed. So, why has Durant’s curse been waived since then?

“I appreciated Kevin Durant after he came to the Warriors, and that ended his curse,” Lil B said. “And, might I say, he’s doing wonderful over here. And I do project the Warriors taking it home this year.”

Lil B says all Harden has to do is acknowledge him and the cooking dance and the curse will be lifted. And Harden might want to consider it if he doesn’t want the curse to interfere with his MVP campaign, like Lil B says it will.

“Yes…yes, it will,” Lil B said. “He’s fighting through the curse. I mean, this Harden guy is strong. He’s strong. He’s fighting through the curse, but this will affect his MVP chances. Once again, nothing negative wished upon Harden. Nothing negative. I appreciate James Harden. I think he’s a wonderful player—one of the best.”

Lil B is an active basketball fan, but he’s also quite a bit of a homer for the Warriors. Evidence: Klay Thompson is his MVP pick. I know, it’s odd. You can read the full interview at The Undefeated.