One of the highlights of every NFL Draft, no matter where it's held, are the angry Jets fans. No matter the year, they are never happy. And it turns out their anger was not unfounded. When you root for a team that took Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino, Blair Thomas over Junior Seau, and Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp, you’re naturally going to be a little pessimistic about your squad’s ability to select the right player.

The Jets obviously aren’t the only team that could use a mulligan for some of their past draft choices. All teams make mistakes, though some do more than others. Browns, Raiders, and Lions fans have been on the receiving end of this a lot more than Patriots and Steelers fans have.

Obviously nobody—or player personnel department—is perfect. So Complex is going to look into an alternate reality: A reality in which your team made the right choice. One do-over for all 32 teams. The do-overs included only players who could have feasibly been drafted at their respective pick. Obviously, nobody would have drafted Tom Brady in the first round in 2000—even the Patriots waited until the sixth round to take him. Also, no player was used more than once in this list. So with that said, here’s one draft do-over for every team since 2000.


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