While most sporting events get more lit the louder it gets, you will rarely see a turn up at a tennis match. Especially a sexual turn up. But that's exactly what happened during the Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger match at the Sarasota Open, which was interrupted by the sounds of a couple getting it in.

Shit really started popping when Tiafoe was set to serve. The look on his face when he realized what he was hearing was priceless.

Initially, the announcer calling the match thought it was people playing porn on their phone, but even after realizing what was actually going down, he made sure to say "at least somebody is having a good night."

Tiafoe reportedly had no problem making light of the situation. He screamed "IT CAN'T BE THAT GOOD!" and he also ended up sending a tennis ball over in that area in an attempt to silence the couple.

It didn't work, and we ended up with this hilarious video. And despite the uncomfortable distraction, Tiafoe ended up winning the match in straight sets: 6-3, 6-2.