Just 10 days after it was revealed that Carmelo and La La Anthony were ending their seven-year marriage, and just nine days after news came out that Carmelo allegedly got a woman not named La La pregnant, the NBA vet is reportedly digging deep into his bag of ideas to save his strained relationship with his wife.

According to sources who spoke to TMZ Sports, Melo has gone the desperate route so many men have gone before by sending his wife-for-now texts that tell her he loves her and doesn't want her to leave. On top of that, Melo also reportedly apologized (for getting a woman pregnant? For allegedly walking around saying "She's married, I'm not"? It's unclear), and has asked her to go on dates as well as vacation together.

TMZ also made sure to point out that Melo has been liking her Instagram posts, which is something he never bothered to do before. These sources also revealed to the media outlet that the two are still cordial for the sake of their son.

Just a few days ago, La La was spotted in NYC strip club Sapphire where she was reportedly shooting a documentary about women in "risque industries" who break into the spotlight called Goal Diggers.

Considering all this recent info about Carmelo trying to win her back, it seems like La La's shower pic is working as well as anyone could've hoped for.