Hey, have you heard by now that Marshawn Lynch is reportedly mulling a return to the NFL, and fans are—of course—freaking out about it?

Beast Mode returning to the league would be a great thing, but it seems to run counter to everything he’s said since retirement—mainly that he’s really, you know, done with football. This rumor seems to be carrying a lot of weight, though, and Lynch seems to have had a change of heart.

He’s an Oakland native, he loves his city, and it seems he would only return to the game if it meant he could play for the hometown team. And on Saturday night, Lynch seems to have dropped a hint on Twitter that he wants to come back and play for the Raiders.

Lynch has a playlist on Spotify called Beast Mode, and one fan noticed the playlist includes a track titled “Oakland Raiders.”

The playlist was created in September 2015, when Lynch still played for the Seahawks, so it wouldn’t seem to hold much weight. But what does hold weight is that Lynch retweeted the fan’s observatory tweet:

Even though it was added awhile ago @MoneyLynch has an interesting song choice 🤔#RaiderNation @RaiderTweets_ pic.twitter.com/L2vzmXIfa1

— ERIC THUT (@ericthut22) March 19, 2017

So, why would Lynch give the post a retweet if he didn’t actually want to play for the Raiders? We don’t really know, but consider the rumor fire stoked.