John Calipari is the most hated coach in college basketball.

Some of this is due to his success. He has the 18th most wins in college basketball history and has taken his teams to the Final Four six times—if you include the 38 wins and the Final Four that was vacated at Memphis, and the Final Four that was vacated at UMass.

Which brings us to the second—and main reason—why Calipari is so hated: a general aura of sketchiness. He’s never been personally implicated in any improprieties at his three high-profile college head-coaching stops, but scandal seems to follow him wherever he goes. And when it hits the fan, “Coach Cal” seems to be gone in the nick of time, off to an even better job.

An ESPN 30 for 30 coming out in April, aptly titled “One and Not Done,” explores exactly this topic. And as March Madness rolls on, Cal haters are going to continue to decry the thin ethical boundaries by which the coach operates. So with that said, here are seven reasons why John Calipari is sports’ sketchiest coach: