In the acclaimed ESPN 30 for 30 documentary Doc & Darryl that dropped in 2016, we got to see famed New York Mets Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry cut through the trials and tribulations of their infamous, drug-filled pasts to reunite for a conversation in the same diner that was used in Goodfellas. While it looked like they were in better spirits, especially considering the rifts they've had in their personal friendships, everything wasn't sweet. In August of 2016, Strawberry, who seems to have turned his life around, called Gooden a "complete junkie-addict" after Gooden no-showed a joint appearance between the two, and asked for Gooden to turn his life around.

While it's hard to tell if this got back to Gooden at the time, he's since spoken to the New York Post to put his foot down about the "shots" he says Strawberry has been throwing his way for years. "I’m tired of him taking shots at me," he told the Post. "Saying I’m homeless and everything else. I’ve always supported him, and now he is still taking shots at me. For 30-some years this guy has been taking shots. I mean, when do I get the message?"

I mean, facts. Gooden continues, saying, "I don’t understand why he constantly tries to take shots at me when I was there to support him. It’s not worth it to reach out to him anymore. What’s the point? Another year or two, he is just going to do the same thing.

"I’ve come to the conclusion that this guy is not your friend, he doesn’t have your best interests at heart, so let it go. So I’m letting it go. I’m not going to live that lie."

Gooden is now ready to "cut that cord," as he put it, saying that he's no longer angry at Strawberry, but he only sees the two of them as former teammates now.

You can't get mad at the guy; sometimes it takes people longer than others to realize they aren't really down for each other. And truth be told, Gooden should be focusing on himself and not sliding back into his past ways.

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