2017. What a time to be alive.

This year has gifted us with some seriously weird beefs between athletes and the media. While the LeBron James-Charles Barkley feud rages on, so too does Le’Veon Bell-Skip Bayless.

Yep, Le’Veon Bell-Skip Bayless. This is a real thing.

The Steelers’ star running back and the polarizing Fox Sports 1 host of Undisputed have traded shots since Bayless said Bell was an inferior running back to Ezekiel Elliott, the rookie who plays for Bayless’ beloved Dallas Cowboys.

Bell responded in the best way possible: he dropped a diss track called “Shrimp Bayless.”

Bayless had a surprisingly positive response to the track. He seemed to take the song in stride and get a good laugh out of it.

"I really liked the track," Skip said. "Le’Veon can rap. Le’Veon can write lyrics. Those were cleverly written. I liked the beat. I liked his execution with the beat. And I especially loved the line, which made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it, 'I guess the only way you’d like me is if I played for the Spurs.' The Spurs are my favorite NBA team, and it made me laugh."

Bell doesn’t seem to find the situation funny, though. In a street interview with TMZ, he said he had more heat for the TV commentator. After an interview in which Bell spoke about the situation, he even dropped a freestyle, which you can check out here.

The most interesting lyric is the last one: “And I’m comin’ at your neck if your name is Skip Bay.”

All right, I’ve think we’ve heard enough from Bell. It’s Skip’s turn. If you want Le’Veon on your show, Skip, give the people some bars.

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