Le’Veon Bell has been making headlines for rapping under the name Juice for awhile now. Back in November, we premiered his EP, Until the Post Interview, and it’s pretty clear that making music has turned into more than just a hobby for him.

The Steelers running back’s rap career got a big boost on Monday afternoon, too, thanks to his latest track, "Shrimp Bayless," which, as you would probably guess after seeing the title, is a diss track aimed at former ESPN/current Fox Sports 1 talking head Skip Bayless.

The song features Bell responding to some of the things Skip has criticized him for in the past—like beefing with the Bengals in the offseason and taking too long to make his cuts on the field—and it started trending on Twitter shortly after the song was released. You can listen to it here:

After seeing the song hit his Twitter timeline on Monday, Skip gave it a listen and promised to respond to it on FS1’s Undisputed on Tuesday morning:

And he delivered on his promise by devoting an entire segment to reacting to the track. He started by saying that he is actually a fan of Bell’s music and, more specifically, the "Shrimp Bayless" diss.

"I really liked the track," Skip said. "Le’Veon can rap. Le’Veon can write lyrics. Those were cleverly written. I liked the beat. I liked his execution with the beat. And I especially loved the line, which made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it, 'I guess the only way you’d like me is if I played for the Spurs.' The Spurs are my favorite NBA team, and it made me laugh."

But then, Skip got back to his usual business and found a way to use the song to send shots back at Bell. He accused Bell of "insulting me without refuting my points on-air" and said that he stands behind everything he has ever said about him. He also used the song as an opportunity to break down why he believes Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott is a better running back than Bell is.

"Ezekiel Elliott is the best running back in football," Skip said. "He’s simply better in so many ways than Le’Veon…In this diss track, Le’Veon said, 'I got the Hall of Fame waiting.' I don’t know about that. I’m not seeing that yet. But I think Ezekiel showed you in his rookie year—leading the league in rushing—he’s at least starting down the Hall of Fame path."

And Skip ended his response by issuing a weird challenge to Bell. He said that, while he was impressed with "Shrimp Bayless," what would really impress him would be if Bell was able to break down why he’s a better back than Elliott in a song.

"I want to hear a diss track in which he explains how he’s a better back than Ezekiel Elliott," Skip said. "If he can pull that one off, I’ll be impressed. But do you know what? I don’t think you can do that, Le’Veon! So I challenge you."

Skip also mentioned that Bell, who is apparently in Houston this week for the Super Bowl just like Skip, Shannon Sharpe, and the rest of the Undisputed staff, would be more than welcome to drop by the FS1 set for a debate, if he’s up for it.

Will Bell take Skip up on his offer? Probably not. But he will take all of the free publicity that comes along with Skip mentioning his music on the air.

You can check out Skip’s entire response to Bell in the clip above.