Illustrations via Nehal Joshi

Every year, NBA All-Star Weekend concludes on Sunday with the league’s signature exhibition event, the All-Star Game. But for most basketball fans, All-Star Saturday Night is what they look forward to most. From the Three-Point Contest to the Slam Dunk Contest, it’s a showcase of the best the league has to offer in terms of individual talent that brings up-and-coming stars together with legends like Yao Ming and Charles Barkley, who provide judgment and commentary throughout. And whether you’re a diehard NBA fan, an avid college hoops enthusiast, or someone who hardly pays any attention to basketball, you can’t help but have fun watching.

In the weeks leading up to the weekend, many outlets devote their editorial resources to predicting the winners of its various events and discussing the merits of players who were snubbed and invitees who probably should have stayed home. But instead of exploring why the league chose to overlook Russell Westbrook as an All-Star starter in the West, or why Barack Obama wasn’t asked to compete in the Celebrity Game, we set out to answer a question literally nobody was asking: who would reign supreme in a battle between the most prolific shooters in Three-Point Contest history and the highest flyers ever to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Here’s how we attempted to tackle this complicated (and admittedly kind of genius) hypothetical…