During his campaign, President Donald Trump (yep, it’s official) loved to name-drop celebrities and other well-known leaders who had endorsed him. He didn’t avoid the football sphere by any means, and happily associated himself with figures such as former Bills coach Rex Ryan and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the latter of whom is gearing up for Sunday's AFC Championship game against the Steelers.

While Ryan publicly introduced Trump during a campaign stop, Brady has done his best to distance himself from Trump, and keep his support behind the scenes. The Patriots leader has consistently avoided questions about Trump from reporters, but with each new report of an Act of Bromance between Trump and Brady, the star quarterback has been questioned anew.

Thursday, Trump said Brady had called to congratulate Trump on his impending inauguration.

“Your friend Tom [Brady] just called,” Trump said at a formal dinner, in comments directed to Pats owner Robert Kraft. “He feels good. He called to congratulate us. He feels good.”

Of course, reporters asked Brady about the call—and of course, he fled the conversation.

What were the details of the call? “I don’t have much to say,” Brady said.

Did he call Trump? “Did I call him? Let’s talk about football.”

Brady has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to talk about politics, and that's his prerogative; but the questions probably aren’t going to stop as long as their friendship seems to be going strong, and as long as Trump remains a polarizing public figure—which will probably be the entire length of his presidency. Maybe even longer.