Reggie Jackson—who never fears making enemies (hello, Russell Westbrook)—is sick of Duke guard Grayson Allen’s antics.

Allen just finished serving a one-game suspension for repeatedly tripping opponents, and many think he tried to trip someone yet again yesterday in Duke’s win over Boston College.

Was it actually a trip? It’s hard to tell. You be the judge…

Jackson, however, had seen enough to make up his mind. "Why would he care so much?" you might ask.

Well, Jackson played for Boston College from 2008-2011, and clearly has a vested interest in the Eagles.

Controversy really follows Grayson Allen everywhere he goes, doesn’t it?

Though Jackson’s conclusion might be a bit rash, Allen has a reputation, and—like Draymond Green kicking people—his "random acts of tripping" will probably be monitored closely for the rest of his career, or at least as long as he plays for Duke.

In case you’re wondering whether Duke might punish Allen for this incident, it seems very unlikely. Coach K is firmly in Allen’s corner, for better or worse.

One thing to note: We applaud Jackson for telling us how he really feels. In a day and age where more and more athletes are going silent, afraid of saying something wrong, it's refreshing to see guys like Jackson and Brandon Jennings speaking their mind—even if their agents make them delete their tweets later.