After being caught on camera three separate times, you would think Duke's Grayson Allen would stop tripping people. But in his most recent game against Boston College, it looks like Allen is up to his old tricks.

Watch here, as he tries to fight through a screen set by BC's Connar Tava:

Tava took to social media after the game, and seemed to confirm Allen's intent on the play:

If this were almost any other college basketball player, they might get the benefit of the doubt. But Allen is the Draymond Green of tripping, and at a certain point, you are your reputation.

The real question emerging out of this is if Duke will do anything to discipline Allen. It took three incidents for one of the most powerful coaches in the NCAA to take action, and Mike Krzyzewski only ended up holding Allen out for a single game. Krzyzewski defended the length of the suspension in an interview with ESPN's Jay Bilas:

I think it's appropriate, and I think the things that we've done are appropriate. There are things that you see or the public see, and there are things that you all don't see and shouldn't see or shouldn't be talked about, and they're called teachings. You don't need to teach out in the public all the time.

Considering the result of the game Allen missed, an 89-75 loss to Virginia Tech, it seems clear he's getting off light thanks to his talent and importance to the team. 

Coach K is sidelined indefinitely following back surgery, so interim head coach Jeff Capel is left to clean up this mess. If Duke continues to let him skate by without any real discipline, there's no reason to expect his behavior to change.

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