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A chaotic scene erupted late Sunday night as, according to close friends of a pair of Cowboy fan brothers, two siblings had a deadly confrontation following the Green Bay Packers' 34-31 playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys:

Las Vegas Metro police say that 46-year-old Robert Boyer and 40-year-old Justin Boyer got into a heated argument after a night of watching the game and drinking. Their friends, who were also in attendance, say the yelling was over the one-seeded Cowboys losing to the underdog Packers. A roommate had to physically separate the two, but it was only temporary as Justin eventually attacked Robert again. At that point Robert, saying he feared for his life, pulled a knife and killed his younger bro. According to friends, Justin had come into town to visit from North Dakota.

Neighbor Robert Lewis says he found Justin with multiple stab wounds at his front door, and claims he can't believe his neighbor was involved in a fight for such an absurd reason. "I’m passionate. I’m an Eagles fan and I’m passionate about my Eagles," Lewis said. "[B]ut to get to that level over a ballgame is just crazy. Unreal. Unbelievable."

Additionally Patricia Lewis, Robert's wife, said that just after 11:30 P.M. on Sunday she saw the man bleeding to death on their front porch. "He just asked for help. He was moaning he needed help,” Patricia said to NBC 3 News Las Vegas. “He was obviously intoxicated. He was just begging for help."

Justin eventually died at UMC hospital.

Officers believe Robert's claim that he acted in self-defense. Sources from the PD say that Justin suffers from mental illness, and that friends stated that Dallas's upset at the hands of Green Bay triggered his anger.