Tim Duncan is the poster boy for boring. He and his San Antonio Spurs team brought fans all the winning but without any of the messy details like personality or drama. Just pure unadulterated perfection all the time.

He was seemingly programmed to go out, play sound/fundamental basketball, and smash the occasional carrot cake. The Spurs locker room might as well just be a bunch of wireless recharge stations and a power strip.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone accused Old Man Riverwalk or his successor Kawhi Leonard of being robots and it won’t be the last. But, today is the first piece of evidence that machines walk among us.

Tattoo artist Christopher Escobedo recently uploaded some photos of himself working on a large piece of art on the five-time champion’s back. Getting a large tattoo with machine details has to qualify as one of the most interesting things that Duncan has ever done.

Like a lot of the league, The Big Fundamental loves getting new ink, and now without that pesky 9-5 to get in his way he might just go ahead and get all the work done that he wants. There is so much detail going on back there that it might even qualify as *gasp* cool.

Is normcore’s patron saint becoming edgy all of a sudden? I sure hope not, I don’t know how much more of this crazy year we can take as a society. We can’t even count on old Tim Duncan to be boring anymore.

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