Petra Kvitová, a two-time Wimbledon champ who currently sits at No. 11 in the women's tennis rankings, suffered a severe injury to her left hand after she was attacked in her home by a knife-wielding burglar on Tuesday morning.

The assault occurred in the eastern Czech town of Prostejov. Local police spokesman Frantisek Korinek said that Kvitova's attacker—who has been described as a 35-year-old man—committed the crime just after 8 a.m. when he was able to enter the house by "using a ruse." He fled the scene before he could be apprehended, and a manhunt is currently underway.

According to Kvitova's publicist, Karel Tejkal, the attacker is not believed to have singled out the tennis player, and instead likely came across her by chance. He is said to have gotten away with about 5,000 Czech Koruna. Since you, like us, probably have no idea if that's a lot or a little, it converts to slightly less than $200. But Kvitová obviously sounds more concerned with her health than her missing money.

"The main thing for me now is that the doctors find out what is the condition of my hand. I trust them and believe that everything will end up well," Kvitová said in a statement. "I have the best possible care and I'm in touch with my loved ones. The worst is behind me."

We certainly have no way of putting a time frame on Kvitová's return. But for those of you who remember when Monica Seles was stabbed in the back during a knife attack in 1993, it took her approximately 27 months before she was able to play competitively again.