This Kid Had The Most Priceless Reaction to Stephen Curry Autographing His Basketball

The young man absolutely lost his mind after Stephen Curry signed his ball.

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Stephen Curry is the two-time reigning NBA MVP, and a generation of young basketball fans who started watching the game the past few years have come to idolize him. With his propensity to pull up from anywhere beyond halfcourt, jaw-dropping ball-handling, and ability to dominate a game despite his diminutive size, Curry is a new type of superstar—and he's one a lot of kids can relate to.

We saw just how much some kids love Curry on display tonight when one young boy absolutely lost his mind after Curry autographed his basketball. One might deduce this was the greatest moment of his life. 

Curry signed autographs before the Warriors' game Friday night against the Boston Celtics in TD Garden. The Warriors, at 9-2, have won five straight, and their offense has been absolutely unstoppable in that stretch.

Steph Curry & the Warriors put their 5 game-winning streak on the line vs Isaiah Thomas & the Celtics.


Though the Warriors added an additional superstar—Kevin Durant—in the offseason, Curry is having an excellent season individually as well. He is averaging 27.9 points per game despite taking about 2.5 fewer shots per game. He and Durant have coexisted well; Durant is also averaging 27.9 points per game.

Though the Warriors look really, really good right now, they'll have some formidable competition in the West. The Clippers, Spurs, and Thunder all look like viable challengers.

You can catch the rest of the Warriors-Celtics game on ESPN.

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