The Kansas football team has 23 straight losses going into Saturday's game against Texas. Despite the struggling Longhorns' record of 5-5 before they went to Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas, they were a 23-point favorite to beat the Jayhawks who hadn't won a conference game since 2014. Plus, the Jayhawks had not beaten the Longhorns since 1938.

So the stage was set for Texas to trample over the Kansas on their home field. But the game was down to the wire, and both teams ended up tied at 21 going into overtime. At one point during the extra period, the Kansas Jayhawks blog had prematurely etched in that they didn't even believe they would pull off the upset. Somehow the Jayhawks did it after an interception that led to Kansas kicking a game-winning field goal for the final score 24-21.

To add more joy to the story, it was the the Jayhawks' Senior Day. The 1-9 Jayhawks and fans got lit and stormed the field to exhibit the beauty of college football (you can't do this in the NFL). Coach David Beaty looked and sounded like he was about to cry in the midst of the jubilation.

So why not turn up a bit higher together and rip down one of the goal posts? Or even take it with you? The final destination of where this goal post is going doesn't matter.

Here's another angle of the fans taking the goal post for a ride across the field.

As for Texas, now 5-6, Charlie Strong is going to have much trouble sitting down on the hot seat for the rest of the season.

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