Terrelle Pryor's emergence as a premier NFL wide receiver is about the only good thing to happen to the Browns this season. But the Giants' secondary was decidedly unimpressed with him during the lead up to their game against Cleveland on Sunday. Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins was asked if he thought covering Pryor would be a challenge, and he responded by saying, "No," before adding that the 6-foot-4 wideout is "just big" and "just another receiver." Giants safety Landon Collins also backed up his teammate by saying Pryor only had height and lacked the speed of Jenkins. Pryor responded to their dismissive assessment of his skills by saying that he never wanted to play a game as badly as he did on Sunday:

Pryor ended up having a really productive day for the Browns by recording six catches for 131 yards, including a 54-yard grab while matched up against rookie cornerback Eli Apple. But there are limits to what you can accomplish when you're on the Browns, and Pryor's team ultimately lost 27-13 to the Giants to fall to 0-12 on the season.

Pryor's production didn't stop Jenkins from talking trash to him after the game, though. Jenkins took to Twitter to fire off a few profane tweets at Pryor. The first said, "@TerrellePryor You a Sh*t Eater to me, u really sucks.. #," while the second said "Lol, cause he sucks, he caught balls n Zone coverage.. HeASh*tEaterToMe."

That led Pryor to fire off a couple tweets of his own, but unlike Jenkins, he took the high road when he jumped on Twitter. He was actually very complimentary of Jenkins and received a lot of compliments in return for the way he handled the situation:

That led to Jenkins deleting his tweets. It's unclear if Jenkins took the tweets down because he felt bad about them or if he was asked to take them down by the Giants, but either way, Pryor came out of this brief Twitter "beef" looking like the bigger man both on and off the field. And after the season he's endured with Cleveland, it's a win he will gladly take.