While the history of modern football is sprinkled with game changers that never really gathered steam – the Golden Goal, a World Cup in Qatar and Thierry Henry's punditry career – one brand has remained ever-committed to succesful innovation at the highest level of the game.

From the launch of the iconic Predator in 1994, through to the eye-opening laceless ACE 16 earlier this year, adidas Football has been at the front of driving the way players perform, connect and fall in love with the beautiful game – on and off the pitch. In the midst of what appears to be a boom period for the German giants, they're tearing up the rulebook again with the release of adidas GLITCH: a high-performance boot with interchangeable construction that's only available (for now) to an exclusive group of footballers in London.

GLITCH is a totally new approach from adidas Football. While the ACE and X remain adidas' headline products, GLITCH is inspired by tech startups that launch game-changing innovations to a narrow market – creating intense desirability from those on the sidelines – before rolling-out the product to wider markets when the time is right.