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Meek Mill has taken a lot of L's since his beef with Drake started in summer 2015. There's the constant internet harassment from Drake's legion of stans, the back-to-back diss tracks from Drizzy that had soccer moms in the streets wondering if Meek was on a world tour or his girl's tour, and, most recently, a public back-and-forth with legendary Philly rapper Beanie Sigel that would make anyone looking out for Meek's future health a bit nervous.

With all of the negative energy surrounding the rapper in the past year, the Complex Sports team couldn't help but wonder: Does Meek Mill's misfortune transfer to his favorite teams?

Meek has been a frequent front-row attendee at Sixers' games over the past, often with Nicki Minaj in tow. (He also went to one Eagles game, but that doesn't count because at that point every player on the Eagles hated Chip Kelly's allegedly racist but probably not racist guts.) We looked closely at the nine Sixers home games Meek attended since the Drake situation first started and discovered an unexpected pattern. Do Philly sports teams play better or worse with Meek in attendance? Find out below.