Lebron James is the king of the NBA, but he was swiftly reminded on Sunday afternoon that he was on foreign terrain when he set foot in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with his family.


For the first NFL regular season game in L.A. since 1994, James arrived to watch the Seahawks vs. Rams. Fans in the crowd immediately began chanting "Ko-be!' repeatedly upon sight of the Cleveland Cavaliers' leader. Kobe Bryant was not at the game, but his omnipresence is exemplified here in the coliseum. You can see the chants in the clip above.

Since this is L.A., and they are chanting Kobe's name like they always do, we would like to give these fans the benefit of the doubt that they didn't know who this way when James walked through the tunnel onto the field before the kickoff. And after all, it's ubiquitously known that Kobe has three daughters— not three sons like James has with him at the Rams game in this photo tweeted by the NFL.



Kobe is retired from the NBA, but L.A. will always remain his kingdom to rule. James is just finding himself passing through it. We are sure that LeBron knows this already. Even though the NBA season is over a month away from now, and the Cavaliers are at the top of the basketball world, some L.A. fans just had to troll him and make him respect Lakers Nation regardless.

And speaking of trolls, the Rams' Twitter account shed light on LeBron coming to L.A. to honor the Rams, whereas the 4-time MVP and world champion Cavalier was a longtime Cowboys fans.

The Cowboys Twitter account replied with a blonde female emoji putting up her hand to signify their confusion about James' apparent switch of favoritism (for today, at least).

But the Rams Twitter account came back once more saying to James and the Cowboys, "new team who dis?"

You gotta love when you see NFL Twitter accounts use emojis to get the best of each other.