Considering Michael Jordan has never been the type of person to turn down a bet, Chris Paul laid out a very simple one: If he missed three shots, the entire Michael Jordan Flight School camp would receive free sneakers. Paul tried his best to throw His Airness off his game, getting the kids to distract him and rolling the ball to MJ with the hopes of throwing him off his shooting motion, but nothing worked. 

Rocking a mostly red fit, Jordan must've felt as confident as he does betting red at the roulette table, effortlessly knocking down two mid-range jumpers before stepping behind the three-point line and putting three straight through the hoop. CP3 had one last ditch effort to get these kids some free Jordans when he tried covering MJ's eyes during his attempt from the charity stripe. But, as history has shown us, you don't need to cover his eyes on a free throw shot, Jordan will just shut them himself. 

Then, for some reason, Derek Fisher entered the fold, and these kids' opportunity at scoring some free kicks depended on how the former NBA guard shot from the field. At first, it looked like Fisher was going to come through for these campers. 

But then, this happened. 

As Jordan gave Fish dap, you kinda get the feeling MJ thanked him for missing the shot. 

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