People are genuinely convinced Milwaukee Bucks rookie forward Thon Maker, who claims he is 19, is actually 21-23. This isn't some crazy conspiracy theory, though. Last week, a Redditor put together a compelling case proving the former YouTube highlights sensation is in his 20s.

Today, the Bucks held an #AskThon Twitter session with the No. 10 overall pick in June's draft.

One fan asked how old he is. Surprisingly and hilariously, Maker actually responded.

Here are some of the best replies.

Maker attracted teams with his smooth shooting, athleticism, and incredible ball-handling at 7-foot-1. He was born in South Sudan and moved to Australia when he was "discovered" at age 14. He later moved to the States, then to Canada. Basically, he's gone to school everywhere—hence the confusion over his age.

Maker will make his NBA debut with the Bucks' Summer League team tomorrow. Regardless of how old he is, we'll finally get a glimpse at whether this dude can really get ball in the NBA. Because if there's one thing we know: Men lie. Women lie. Buckets don't.

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