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Warriors coach Steve Kerr appeared on a podcast from the Warriors' practice court with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News today. You wouldn't expect most coaches who had just lost a heartbreaking NBA Finals Game 7 to make a podcast appearance five days later, but Kerr has always maintained a strong perspective on basketball.

As they wrapped up the podcast, Kerr asked for permission to speak his mind about gun control, a topic Kerr has long been outspoken about. The 2016 NBA Coach of the Year bemoaned politicians' inaction.

Below is the full text of Kerr's passionate plea.

On @timkawakami's podcast, Steve Kerr made a passionate, personal stand for gun control.

— Shlomo Sprung (@SprungOnSports) June 24, 2016

Again: this guy is no everyday basketball coach. Kerr's father, Malcolm, a professor, was assassinated by two gunmen in 1984.

Other highlights of Kerr's appearance:

• He breaks down Game 7 and speaks on his regrets looking back on it.

• He talks about what makes new Lakers head coach Luke Walton successful.

• He discusses the Warriors' predicament heading into an uncertain free agency period.

• He talks about his personal health issues.

You'll only respect Steve Kerr more after listening to this. It's a candid, honest, and raw interview.

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